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Thera Pro™ Neck Massager
Thera Pro™ Neck Massager
Thera Pro™ Neck Massager
Thera Pro™ Neck Massager
Thera Pro™ Neck Massager

Thera Pro™ Neck Massager

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Discover A Stronger Neck in Minutes!

 Revolutionary Neck & Shoulder Massager – dailyimprove



  • Improves blood circulation and wrist pains
  • Suitable for finger dysfunction
  • Combat Arthritis
  • Treat Tendonitis & Stiffness


 "Meet the high tech Physiotherapy neck massager. The new one-step treatment for your neck.

Get Rid Of Your Cervical and Bone Chilling Pain with Neck Pro




It's very simple to see how being diagnosed with neck pains can limit your ability to do certain things, but did you wonder what can you do to change that?

With the functions of the this neck massager, neck exercises can be carried out anywhere at anytime without site constraints.


“My uncle-in-law had a major neck pains 6 years ago, his fingers are closed into a fist-he wears a brace trying to keep them open. I bought this massager for my father who also had a stroke 6 months ago, but tried it on my brother-in-law's neck and opened his hand right up after only 15 minutes of use and it stayed open for 7 hours! Ordered a second one for my father immediately.” - Kloe M. New York City



No need to invest into anymore massage therapists and waste hundreds of dollars! 

It significantly reduces your neck pain and tensions wherever you are! 




 1. Simply separate your fingers and slide one finger into each ring. Each finger ring can be tightened by adjusting the velcro strap.

2. Turn on the device by plugging the power adapter into a wall socket. Once the adapter is plugged in, you can turn on the Physiotherapy Neck Pro by clicking the red power button on the remote.

3. You are now ready to use the Physiotherapy Neck Pro! You will be able to adjust the strength of the massage by clicking on the up or down button on the remote. You will also be able to select an automatic massage button that will control the massage strength for you along with the heating function.




Question: Can a two year old with Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy use this?

Answer: No matter the age, this electric neck massager works great with people who suffer from a stroke or poor mobility in their neck.

Question: Does this help extend the fingers?

Answer: Yes, it helps straighten fingers, and it can allow you to form a grip and open up the fingers. It gets warm so the hands can feel the warmth and promote feelings through the fingers and hand.

Question: Does this work for either hand?

Answer: Yes, it is universal.


Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Recommended by Physical Therapist & Doctors





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My upper back problems

It’s amazing. Buy it. Now. Don’t hesitate. It’s a little strong. But incredible

Mel C.
United States United States

My Husband Loves it!!!

I work in the office for 9hrs a day. My neck and back always have problems now and then. I had my back problem for a year now, and spent a lot money on massage. Being too busy recently and no time to go out, I found this product to be a good alternative.

Daria L.
United States United States

Just what I needed

This showed up just in time to help work the stress kinks out of my neck! I'm glad I finally bought this...I feel much better every time I use it. The pressure is not too much but "just right."

Debbie V.
United States United States

Massage with heat

I was a little bit confused on the use of this massage, but the chiropractor, told me that I need to start adding hear to my neck.

Sada M.
United States United States

Great unit that does the job for neck pains

This little gadget took a little getting used to at first but after my second use, it felt wonderful. Fits comfortably around my neck and the heating function feels amazing. Simple operation and the instructions were easy to read. The beep sound is loud so I can be sure that I can hear the modes changing or the unit turning off. The auto shut off after 15 minutes was a nice touch as well. Small and low profile makes this easy to take with me when I am traveling.

Nancy D.
United States United States